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Proxy Speed Check

Graph your proxies response time.

You can use this free online proxy tool to check the performance of a proxy over time. It downloads a wikipedia page page to gather the performance statistics. It then graphs the response times of the proxy. To reset the test you have to refresh the page. This page can be used to test ip:port proxies and web proxies. Use this tool to measure the performacne of your proxy. You can use the 'show raw data' button to display comma seperated values at the bottom of the page. You can then cut and past this into excel.
ip:port proxy - you have to configure your browser settings with the proxy you want to test and refresh the page

web proxy - You have to navigate you your web proxy's start page and enter the url into the proxy.


time interval (Seconds)      


  Scaled response time    Average Response Time


Test download frame (test page loaded here)


Raw data (Timestamp, time taken(ms))

An important measure of a proxies performance is how long it takes to respond to a request. Usually, the busier a proxy is the longer it takes to serve a request. Fast proxies are quickly swamped by many users. These proxies then start to slow down as the number of users increase.
Code Diaries

Free online proxy tools. Strip websites, graph proxy performance, check headers and many more.
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