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Proxy Stripper

Strip proxies off websites or text! Intelligent Matching and multiple display formats

Use this free online proxy tool to strip or leech web proxies off websites and blocks of text. You can either direct the tool to a website or cut and paste some text with proxies in them and this tool will strip out the proxies. This stripper will discard irrelevant text and try to match the proxies. If you are compiling your own list of proxies, this free online tool is great for leeching proxies.

Website Stripper

Use this to strip a website of it's proxies.

Desired format ip:port ip,port ip port

Text Stripper

Cut and paste text with proxies in them. This will look for proxies and strip them out.

Desired format ip:port ip,port ip port
Code Diaries

Free online proxy tools. Strip websites, graph proxy performance, check headers and many more.
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